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Aug 29, 2013 11:30pm PDT
washington goes soon it could find itself acting alone. >> the briefing just broke up. has the white house got the backing he needs here at home, if not abroad? like that is a question that will be answered in the coming hours. what we do know is smooth the evidence they presented, they actually said that bashar al- assad's brother may have been involved in the chemical weapons attack alleged on eastern damascus. they said they have intercepted some sort of calls and such removal in before the attack as well. this has not swayed some members of congress, key members of congress. we had bob corker, he says there should be a vote. the libyan campaign, there was no vote for action. >> nathan king in our washington newsroom, thanks. to the united kingdom. it was supposed to be a chance for members of parliament to vote for a british-backed military intervention in syria within days. instead, mp's voted to reject military action. the boat leaves the u.k.'s foreign policy in syria in question. divisions run deep inside of parliament and among the public. >> syrians outside of the british parliam
Aug 8, 2013 11:30pm PDT
propaganda victory to al qaeda. the jury experts are also saying washington could have been more guarded -- security experts are also saying washington could have been more guarded. >> it was more specific to yemen than a regional concern. in some ways, we did overreact. >> danielle green served in the u.s. military in iraq and afghanistan wars. militants in yemen pose an especially potent threat. >> al qaeda benefits from yemen. the ethnicity of many of its members are of arabic heritage. osama bin laden -- it is close to saudi arabia, there are funding sources from private citizens. >> yemen is on high alert. security has been tightened. multiple checkpoints have been set up and tanks are guarding key installations. the yemeni army has surrounded foreign buildings as well as the airport. the strategic interest to the red sea is also being closely monitored. as muslims celebrate the end of the month of ramen on -- ramadan, the yemeni government says they have foiled a plot by al qaeda. >> the interior ministry has implemented many security plans for safety and stability in yemen
Aug 22, 2013 11:30pm PDT
with washington. but while the west has been troubled, russia has moved in to offer military and economic support. >> russia used it to find out where they were. egypt will keep using this need to get the utmost of its relations. >> with our new foreign-policy, it will be a well-balanced relationship between egypt and the other major powers. china, russia, the u.s.. we already understand that concentrating on a given country is not good. >> the african union tries to negotiate with little success. egypt has clashed publicly with over what it sees as undue interference. these are tiring times, and worrying, too. >> it has been adopted in tunisia, libya, and the entire world is watching closely, the developments in egypt. >> the operator of the crippled fukushima nuclear plant says workers need help to stabilize and safely decommissioned damaged reactors. two more storage tanks had been found to be leaking radioactive water. it has been building up ever since the 2011 senomyx regard a triple meltdown. we talked to frightened nearby residents. >> since the accident, the residents ha
Aug 15, 2013 11:30pm PDT
business coalition. rob, it is good to see you over there as opposed to here in washington, d.c. i need your help though. explain to us for -- how for the past 20 years, or you can go all the way back to world war ii if you want, give us the historical perspective on this relationship . >> certainly, since world war ii, relations between china and japan have been very strange. the chinese still remember a lot of the atrocities committed by the japanese imperial army to many chinese. there is certainly not a lot of respect and rapport among the chinese chinese and japanese people. that being said, trade is one area where they have broken down a lot of cultural social areas because of the ideas that strong, improved economic relations will create -- >> what is the problem? i mean, i have spoken to a lot of people, obviously from the chinese side about this. one of the sticking points is that they feel that japan, number one, isn't sorry, and they haven't taken the position to apologize. very similar to what germany did to a lot of other countries and nationalities during world war ii
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4